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David Koohy

David Koohy, CPA, EA

One of the top concerns of investors is what will happen if my advisor dies, quits, retires, moves, etc.?

If you have ever wondered but not asked me, fear not.

I am pleased to announce that my dear friend and colleague, David Koohy, CPA, EA recently joined my broker dealer, ON Equity Sales Co. David owns Coastal Financial Group and Island Tax Associates located in Middletown, RI. With over 30 years of experience, he has built a seasoned practice of tax, investment and insurance clients and is licensed in numerous states. I have known David personally and professionally for over 10 years and I hold him in the highest esteem of trust and respect. Born in Newport, he lives and owns his business in Middletown. As a true Rhode Islander, he promises to die here too!

David and I are not partners, however we have established a legally compliant financial alliance. What this means is that when I am on vacation or taking a sick day, your call or email will be forwarded through to Dave and he will respond to your needs immediately and vice versa for clients in his practice. If I was hit by the Budweiser truck tomorrow, David will assume responsibility for serving my clients as long as they wish him to. I will share the same commitment to David’s insurance and investment clients.

This alliance is extremely positive for each of our practices. Our clients will benefit from the added advisory resources. Dave’s practice offers not only tax preparation, but also bookkeeping and payroll service. He is a CPA and an Enrolled Agent – this means he can argue a case in tax court. My practice offers planning, insurance and investments. David has been a loyal member and leader within the Kiwanis organization and sponsors numerous charitable events year round to support children"s causes.

In addition to adding the support and advisory services, we now have multiple locations. You may now visit me at either 650 Ten Rod Road (The Lafayette Mill) in North Kingstown or at 438 East Main Road (The Iron Gate Complex) in Middletown.

You may learn more about David here: http://www.cfgna.com/